Why Hormonal Treatment is Important for any Female Undergoing Laser for Facial Hair?

How Ayurvedic Herbs Help in Setting Right the Hormonal Imbalance?

What is Laser Hair Removal, Who does it and Why it has to be Done?

Cosmetically today people are very cautious of how they look and what suits them to look more beautiful and prettier. When technology combines with beauty treatments to entice people to provide a speedy way to look radiant,  females under psychological pressure gets attracted.  Though lot of better remedies are available to help you to resolve this issue of excessive hairiness in  females is termed as Hirsutiam or frazonism.  It occurs when terminal hair in parts of the body where generally such hair does not grow in women, grows…it needs to be treated by experts, as this is of cosmetic and psychological concern for females .

Hormonal Imbalance

Rising of androgens, which is also called male hormone, in women’s body leads to growth of terminal hair in parts as face, chest, neck, chin, back of females , where generally hair does not grow, especially so within their puberty.  It is not a disease, but it is a medical condition. Male hormones i.e. androgen,it  becomes more in females, stimulate hair growth, intensify the growth and pigmentation of hair. Though propagated as a permanent treatment for hair removal but laser is not exactly permanent but it definitely slows the hair growth.

Laser treatment is non invasive procedure in which a laser is used to reduce the growth of body hair. Done by dermatologist called ethnicist, by targeting a concentrated beam of light at the melanin in the hair. The light converts into heat and damages the hair follicle, thus delaying hair growth.

This Treatment can be Taken on any Part of the Body be it

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Shoulder
  • Bikini line
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Armpits

For this treatment, you need to ensure you take precautions much before, during and even months after the treatment to ensure you reap the maximum benefits without side effects. As it is a medical treatment so should be done by expert esthetician only:

  • Avoid waxing and plucking hair on that area where procedure has to be done.
  • Avoid sun exposure at least 6 weeks before and during the procedure.
  • Avoid using products with chemicals
  • Avoid drugs that might increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Avoid if there is any cut or rash on skin where it has to be done.

How it is done:

  • The esthetician cleans the area.
  • If the area is sensitive the esthetician may apply numbing gel or use anesthesia.
  • You will be asked to wear protective eye gear to prevent any damage from the laser.
  • During the procedure, the esthetician focuses the light on the area to remove hair. The smaller area like upper lip may take an hour or so whereas the bigger area may take few sittings to completely finish hair.

Depending upon the area and size of the patch to be treated the time will be taken and sittings will be decided. Depending upon the skin type and sensitivity different effects are observed by different people.

  • Skin redness and irritation
  • Change in skin pigmentation
  • Change in texture
  • Scarring
  • Blisters
  • Excessive hair growth.

Since the potential of risks is high, but if precautions are taken and done the natural way it will remove the risk factors and remove the condition naturally by balancing the hormones.

Few herbs which if taken will balance the hormonal secretion and hence maintain balance in all hormones to ensure overall wellbeing without any side effects of such grave nature. Planet Ayurveda has devised a pack for such unwanted hair removal to naturally ensure the health of ovaries and hence handle all the conditions. As ovaries, which are responsible for balance secretion of androgens and estrogens, if ovaries are healthy that will ensure the treatment of any condition.

To ensure healthy ovaries, nature has given us many herbs for their upkeep. We have prepared a pack from those herbs to make a concoction for your healthy life.Herbal supplemenstBuy Now

1. Chanderprabha Vati

It is rich in Shilajit and guggul. Shilajit is rich in Fluvic acid, which slows the aging process and promotes tissue repair and regeneration. It is very important for health. It fights depression, regulates blood sugar and improves memory as well. The positive outlook is healthy for the body to have balanced hormones and its combination with GUGGUL ensures the body is strong enough to fight back any imbalances caused in the body due to the digestive system.

2. Pradarantak Churna

Rich in extracts from the herbs as Saraca indica, Ficus glomerata, Terminalia arjuna, and Symposcous racemosa, which have been used for the treatment of women female ailments and her health benefits, since ages in Ayurveda. These herbs’ extract, when mixed together ensure a healthy reproductive system of women taking these and when the reproductive system is healthy, it has balanced hormonal secretion and hence it ensures that the male hormone is not intruding with the female’s  body. And there is no embarrassing hair growth to disfigure the face and other body parts of the female, making her feel embarrassed or cautious.

3. Kanchnaar Guggul

This ensures that female’s health is taken care of from acne to hemorrhoids, as well as her urinary tract, which is free of any infections. Ensuring she has proper weight and is healthy in all aspects.Though it takes a little longer, but these herbs not only treat the medical condition of unwanted hair but they improve overall health without any side effects.

They are the safest bet over any cosmetic treatment.