What is the number one cure for ED or Impotence?

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    One tablet of Cenforce with water per day is the recommended dosage. A fizz is all it takes to dissolve Cenforce tablets in water. Drink as the drug is currently dissolving in order to achieve a higher rate of drug absorption in the body. Taking Cenforce 100 on an empty stomach is preferable to taking it with food, even though there is no evidence that this influences its potency.

    It’s also important to remember that the drug should be taken at least one hour to thirty minutes prior to sexual activity. In order for the anti-impotence drug to work, sexual stimulation is needed. Arousal is required for the drug to work.

    The Cenforce 100mg pills for treating impotence have no fixed indefinite-quantity regime. On the day of your anticipated sexual activity, you should take the medication at least an hour or so before that. However, if your doctor recommends that you take Cenforce pill on a daily basis, only take another dose after a gap of at least twenty-four hours. Tell your doctor or apothecary about all of the other medications and seasonings you’re currently using. Neither the fruit nor the juice of a grapefruit should be consumed.

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