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How It Works for Consultants?


Ayucliniko is a place where both patients and doctors will be able to interact with each other in a very much technologically perfect portal for effective interaction. Consultants can study patient's records and guide them on their inquiries at their free will and charge for consultation and prescribe herbal medicines from a complete range of Planet Ayurveda as well as other best brand's products.

This portal will enable and establish a better connection between patients, doctors and online pharmacy.

Practitioners will be able to block patients who are not following up their guidelines and just creating nuisance or hurdle in day to day practice.

This portal will provide a great opportunity to established practitioners as well as newly qualified ones. This platform is not just for Ayurveda Practitioners but also for other alternative healers who are highly in demand these days because the whole world knows that apart from medical emergencies modern drugs are not giving any good results and the whole world is looking towards alternative healers and alternative methods of treatment. Herbs are key to everyone's health both for prevention and treatment of so many lifestyle disorders and dreadful diseases.

We are happy to provide this great platform to whole world to satisfy their healthcare needs. A digital world is more helpful – help from one corner to other corner of the world, in time and without any prejudice is going to make this world more livable, lovable and enjoyable. We believe in nature, natural laws and nature's gift to living beings. Using the natural resources in a more effective way, is the key and combining them with technology is just like embedding a diamond in gold ring. We wish everyone a great success and a harmonious life.

Details for Consultants about this very innovative Portal

Consult online and grow your practice

Start your own virtual practice. Connect with more patients and maximize your earnings.

Be Known & Acknowledged Globally

Reach new patients and maximize your earnings

Keep your clinic's patients engaged and get more patients from around the world. From Local - Go Global instantly.

Control Follow-ups Efficiently & Effectively

Monetise Follow-ups

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps:-

1. Sign Up on our Portal (Fill basic details about you & get started)

2. Complete the Verification Process

3. Enter your Bank/PayPal Details for Online Payment Transfers

We hope this detailed information will help you understand our vision, the way this portal will work and how you can utilize your skills in a more technological way to enhance your visibility globally while earning as per your potential. Not everyone can make his dream of being online that easily as easy we made it for all aspirants, so join hands and grow together. We wish you a great work atmosphere.

As this is new to your work profile, you may need time to time guidance about how to operate effectively for better communication with patients, so our experts will be available to guide you on your all valid inquiries timely.

We will share with you Guiding Video Lessons to learn it well as well.

We assure full support, as you are ultimately going to help the suffering, and that needs a lot of coordination. Together we can change the world and make it a better place to live.

About Us

AyuCliniko always believed in innovation and always provided the world with their best class products and services. To keep the pace with world, we developed this very unique, and people friendly web portal, which will be of great help to increase the patient doctor relation. read more...

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