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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

[For Consultants]

Q.1. Are online consultations legal?

As per MCI (Medical Council of India) guidelines, there are no restrictions on consulting with a patient online. Today, patients and doctors interact with each other digitally over various mediums. AyuCliniko offers a secure, encrypted platform for doctors to connect with patients online. It allows patients and doctors to interact at their own convenience, although, we do recommend patients to not consult online for emergency cases.

Q.2. How safe is it to do the consultations online?

It is 100% secure. Only you and your patient can access the conversation taking place between you two and no one else can view it. AyuCliniko keeps the information of its users and doctors absolutely confidential.

Q.3. In case of new patients, how ethical is it?

A doctor using telemedicine who has no direct previous contact or existing relationship with a patient must take appropriate steps to establish a relationship based on the standards of care required for an in-person visit, or consult with another doctor who does have a relationship with the patient and oversees his or her care. For establishment of such relationship, video conferencing can play a vital role.

Q.4. Are patients comfortable in consulting online?

Yes! Millions of patients have asked health queries or consulted a doctor online. Online consultation helps patients who lack time or don't have access to healthcare providers nearby.

Q.5. Can I charge for consultations?

Yes, you can set in your profile that you want to provide Free Consultation or Paid Consultations only. You can set your consultation fee, which patients need to pay to get consultation from you.

Q.6. How & When will I receive payments from AyuCliniko?

AyuCliniko receives payments on behalf of the doctors and settles it on a bi-monthly basis to doctor's account. This is to ensure that you get the final amount (including refunds, if any). If you are from India, then you will get your consultations and earnings on sales of medicines after necessary TDS Deductions. You can claim your TDS refunds [if any] at the time of filing your Income Tax Returns.

Q.7. How quickly do I have to respond to patients?

Patients appreciate a quick response. Currently, we let patients know that you'd respond within 24 hours for a free question and within an hour for a paid consultation. If you do not respond to a paid consultation, a full refund is issued to the patient. Your timely inputs will increase your credibility and you will receive good reviews and star ratings from the patients.

Q.8. Does AyuCliniko decide my consultation fees for online consultation on their portal?

AyuCliniko has no role in deciding the fees of the doctors. It is up to them to finalize the structures for their text, voice and video consultations.

[For Patients]

Q.1. What is the aim of AyuCliniko?

AyuCliniko's aim is meant for the service of suffering human beings. This online platform makes available Ayurveda or Alternative Healers (consultants) from around the world to you for taking care of your family's complete health issues. You can consult online with them and they can prescribe you medicines, which you can get delivered to your doorstep. All this is so connected that you need not worry about anything.

Q.2. How can I access AyuCliniko?

You can access this portal online on Your PC or Mobile by registering online and creating your Unique User ID protected with Password. You can add your complete family's health profiles not just yours. So 1 single User ID for whole family. All your information will be safe and secure. You can read our Privacy Policy for more details to ensure your Privacy.

Q.3. What benefits I will get after registering in?

You can create your Profile, your family members' profiles on this portal. Then you can search out for experts from around the world and see their rank/ratings to choose the best possible consultant for your health issues. Registration is 100% Free, no hidden charges. You can opt out anytime if you are not satisfied with the services.

Q.4. Consultation is it Paid or Free?

Registration is completely free. No Charges at all. But Consultation Charges are payable in some cases if you choose to consult from a consultant who is not offering Free Consultation.

Q.5. What is the Consultation Fee?

Consultation Fee depends on your selection of Consultants. There are consultants who are providing Free Consultations as a gesture to serve humanity, but still there are consultants who are too occupied, and to spare their valuable time they charge a nominal consultation fee. Consultation fee varies for consultants. You are free to choose Free or Paid Consultation.

Q.6. What is the payment mode?

You can pay using your Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking and Wallets.

Q.7. Is my health data secure?

Yes, it is secure, Safety of your data is our top priority. We are using best:-

Still, we advise you to read our Privacy Policy for more details on this.

Q.8. Can I upload my reports or images?

Yes, you can upload and save to your profile. And, the best part is your consultant will be able to see your reports, which will help him advise you better.

Q.9. How can I give my feedback?

You can Email us at – for your valuable feedback. You will also get a feedback requests periodically about services of consultants, about your purchase orders, about medicines etc. which you can reply to enable us improve our services further.

Q.10. How can I contact AyuCliniko?

You can visit our Contact Us page, and submit your inquiries, requests. We will get back to you within 1-2 working days.

Q.11. Will I have to register separately for asking question for my family members?

No, you can add up to 10 family members under your personal profile. You can then put your health inquiries for any of your family members.

Q.12. What care I should take before asking a question?

You should always ask relevant questions, as consultants time and efforts should not be wasted. Share all relevant info and reports and not all the health records, or you can ask your consultants which reports they want, and you can upload only the required ones. This will save a lot of time of yours and your consultant's. Consultants can block permanently if some patients are asking irrelevant inquiries or just causing a nuisance.

Q.13. Does AyuCliniko do anything from my data or can there be any breach of privacy?

No, not at all. You can go through our Privacy Policy for more details.

Q.14. I am not very technology savvy…what do I do?

There are 2 options for people who are not so tech savvy:-

  1. You can visit our clinic physically to meet the doctor and get the treatment done.
  2. You can just call our customer care at - +91-172-521-4030 [Between 9:30am to 6pm] and ask them to help you. They will try their best to help you.

Q.15. I have a question and I can't see that here. What can I do?

You can submit your inquiry to us through Email at – or you can visit our contact us page and fill the Inquiry Form. We will get back to you with detailed info on your inquiries.

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