What Are The Uses Of Curcumin In Various Diseases?

Turmeric is very useful and important herb which has great medicinal properties in Ayurveda. Turmeric is very useful in every age group and can be given to anyone whether it is a child, young man, old man or whether it is a pregnant woman. Turmeric is an herb which is perennial in nature belongs to the ginger family. This herb contains Curcumin, which is a polyphenol. Polyphenols are organic chemicals that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin gives turmeric root its beautiful yellow-orange color. Curcuminoids, present in the turmeric are the group of chemical compounds responsible for the health benefits of turmeric, include Curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin. The yellow powder and the oil obtained from this rhizome are of great medicinal value. Curcumin present in the turmeric shows great anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous, anti-allergic properties. It has the ability to treat and heal issues, from irritable bowel syndrome to diabetic nephropathy. It removes toxins from the blood.

  • Curcumin cures diseases relates to the VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA and also cures other diseases too.
  • Curcumin increases the immunity of the body and helps in fighting the infections.
  • It also cures diabetes mellitus and even sages, acharyas, vaidyas used to call it ‘MEHHANI’
  • Kumkum is also made from it with mixing with lime.
  • Curcumin cures the diseases related to bile, skin, blood, jaundice, leprosy, stomach worms and swelling.
  • Curcumin is a very effective herb in cancer treatment.
  • Curcumin has Vata pacifying properties and given to eat in Vatanadi which occur due to cold.
  • Turmeric also has an aerobic trait.
  • Turmeric is also used in body massage too.
  • Use of turmeric in the body’s internal injury is very important.
  • Turmeric is hot and dry by nature.

Uses of curcumin in different diseases:

1. What are the usages of Curcumin in skin diseases?

  • By grinding turmeric with sesame oil and applying it over the skin cures the skin related issues.
  • In dryness of skin add turmeric in mustard oil and apply on the affected area.
  • In cracking of hand and feet use a paste made of milk and turmeric and fill the cracks with this paste. It is very effective in such conditions. This paste, when applied over the skin makes the skin smooth.

2. What are the usages of Curcumin in injuries?

  • In injuries drink a spoonful of Curcumin with hot milk, it reduces pain and swelling.
  • Make a paste of turmeric by adding ghee, ½ tsp. of Epsom salt (saindhav namak) and little water and make a poultice and apply it over the affected area it will reduce swelling and pain both.
  • If there is any bleeding from the injured part apply turmeric to that affected part.
  • In eyes related injuries, you can eat raw turmeric.
  • In unknown internal injuries, one should take turmeric powder with milk it helps in reduction of swelling and pain both.
  • In any injury related swelling take two part turmeric powder and one part lime and make a paste. Apply this paste over the affected area it will reduce the swelling.
  • Make a paste of garlic and turmeric and heat it in sesame oil and apply it over the affected area this will help in reducing the pain and swelling.

3. What are the usages of Curcumin in bone fractures?

  • In bone fractures, regular use of turmeric helps in reduction of pain and swelling.
  • Grind one onion and add one spoon of turmeric then heat this paste in sesame oil and apply it over the painful area.

4. What are the usages of Curcumin in teeth related problems?

  • Use turmeric powder, salt, and mustard oil mix them make a paste and use this paste daily to clean your teeth, it will make your denture strong.
  • Fry turmeric and then make powder of it apply it over teeth it will reduce the pain.
  • Make a paste of turmeric and Hing (Asafoetida) and put it under the painful teeth it will relieve the pain.

5. What are usages of Curcumin in bloating?

  • Turmeric is known to combat indigestion and bloating drink one spoon of turmeric with one glass of milk it will keep your digestion healthy.
  • Take turmeric and Epsom salt mix in water it will cure the bloating.

6. What are the usages of Curcumin in rheumatism?

  • Turmeric contains compound Curcumin which is very effective in inflammation and swelling.
  • Eating turmeric ladoo is very effective in rheumatism.
  • Taking Curcumin capsules on regular basis shows very good results in rheumatism.

7. What are the usages of Curcumin in wound healing?

  • Turmeric has great anti-infective and antibiotic properties which helps in increasing the healing process.
  • Take turmeric milk daily to heal the wound fast.
  • If wound contains worms infestation in it then apply turmeric powder directly over the wound which will kill the worms and will heal it fast.

8. What are the usages of Curcumin in a cough and cold?

  • As Curcumin present in the turmeric has great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and boost the immunity to fight the infection. So it works efficiently in a cough and cold. It soothes the muscles and removes a cough from the body and cures a cold.
  • Take half teaspoon of turmeric powder with milk it will cure a cough and will soothe the respiratory muscles.
  • When there is irritant sputum in the chest which also causes breathlessness then take little turmeric powder with cow urine. It shows a very good effect.
  • In cold, cough, asthma with sputum in chest take 2gm turmeric powder with lukewarm water three times a day.
  • In children add turmeric powder, salt, and jaggery in milk and give to drink it will be beneficial in a cough and cold.
  • In fever related to cold seasons drink a glass of hot milk by adding turmeric powder and black pepper powder. It is very effective in fever which mostly comes in cold seasons.
  • Inhaling the turmeric smoke which passes through nose up to throat clears the cold symptoms.
  • Making a decoction of turmeric and applying it on the forehead gives relief from the cold and sneezing.

9. What are the usages of the Curcumin in skin related issues?

  • In ringworm infection make a paste of turmeric and apply it over affected part three times in a day and once in the night will cure the ringworm infection.
  • In black spots over body apply turmeric paste regularly it will be very beneficial.
  • Take a 250 ml of mustard oil, grind 250 Gms of turmeric put theses in iron pan and heat until oil start boiling, then pour it in a bottle. Use it when there is an itching problem. It shows very good results.

10. In Urticaria:

  • Take one teaspoon of turmeric and ghee, two teaspoons of sugar and wheat flour then add a half cup of water and make Porridge (halva). Eat this daily in the morning and drink one glass of milk after that. It gives very good results in Urticaria.

11. In mouth ulcers:

  • Take 15 Gms of turmeric and boil it in 1 liter of water for 15-20 minutes. Then use this water for gargles in the morning and evening.

12. In mumps:

  • Take 5gm of turmeric powder two times a day in morning and evening will cure this disease.

In any kind of knot or lipoma in breasts use a paste of turmeric powder mixed with Aloe Vera juice. Heat this paste and apply over knot or lipoma it will help in its cure.

13. What are the usages of Curcumin in chicken pox?

  • Take turmeric powder with tamarind seed powder in chicken pox infection on daily basis. This mixture helps in fast recovery from chicken pox.
  • Make a powder of 10 Gms turmeric, 5 Gms of black pepper and 10 Gms sugar. Then take the juice of basil leaves and mix it with honey with this take powder prepared early in the morning. It will help in fast recovery from chicken pox.

14. What are the cosmetic usages of Curcumin?

  • Take turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and neem leaves powder mix them and make a paste and apply over face for 5-10 minutes. It will make your face glow and will remove all blackheads and spots from the face. This paste will also make your skin fairer.
  • Soak 5 almonds in the night and in the morning peel their skin off and make a paste of then add 1 spoon of turmeric and 4 spoons of curd and mix them well. Then apply this paste over face for 5-10 minutes. It will make your face glow.
  • Make a paste of turmeric, gram flour, and mustard oil by adding little water. Apply this paste over face for 5-10 minutes. Use it twice in a week it will make your face glow.

15. In diabetes:

  • Make a decoction of turmeric and Daruhaldi and drink it by mixing with honey. It will show good results in diabetes.
  • If there is secretion of pus with urine then take a decoction of Indian gooseberry (Amla) with turmeric and honey.

16. In renal stones:

  • Take turmeric and old jaggery and mix both in buttermilk. Take this drink daily it will totally remove the stone.
  • Take 1 gm. turmeric powder and 2 gm. jaggery and add both in boiled rice water, mix it well and drink. Take this daily in morning and evening it will remove the stones and increase the output of urine.

17. For hairs:

  • Mix raw turmeric paste in beetroot leaves juice and apply this on your hairs. This makes hair strong, stop hair fall and also grows new hairs.

For a long and healthy life regular use of Curcumin is very necessary.

18. In hydrocele:  

  • Make a paste of 6- 20 gm. turmeric with egg skin and apply this over affected part and cover it with Erand leaves. This cures the hydrocele occurred due to the injury.

19. What are the usages of Curcumin in respiratory and asthmatic problems?

  • Make powder of turmeric and fry it and then keep it in the jar. Take 5gm of this powder daily with lukewarm water. It gives very good relief to asthmatic patients.
  • Fry the turmeric and then make powder of it. Take half spoon of this powder with half a spoon of honey daily two times. It gives very good results in asthma.
  • Make a powder of turmeric, black pepper, rasna (pluchea lanceolata), munaka (raisins), kachur (Zedoary), and old jaggery then mix it in mustard oil. Take this in one gram dose daily. It is very effective in acute asthmatic conditions.
  • Heat turmeric powder in a pan and have it with honey. It gives relief in asthma.
  • Take 10 gm. Each of turmeric, black pepper, rasna (pluchea lanceolata), kachur (zedoary), pipal (Ficus religiosa) and make powder of all these and mix with jaggery and make small round tablets. Take two tablets twice in a day. It will cure asthma.
  • Take two raw turmeric, one kg dry leaves of vasa, 10 gm. black pepper, 50 gm. Epsom salt and 5 gm. the gum of babool (gum acacia) then churn all of them and make small round tablets of this churned material. Daily chew 5-6 tablets will give relief in asthma symptoms.

20. What are the usages of Curcumin in teeth related issues?

  • Make a powder of 50 gm. turmeric and 5 gm. of alum (fitkari) and use this powder to clean the teeth. This powder will make the teeth clean and strong.
  • In lose teeth, pyorrhea, make a paste of salt, turmeric and mustard oil and use this paste to clean the teeth daily. It will make the teeth strong and shining.
  • In pyorrhea mix turmeric powder with mustard oil. Daily before sleeping apply this on teeth and keep there for the whole night then gargle in the morning, it will remove them.

21. In a whooping cough:

  • Heat 2-3 raw turmeric and make powder of them. Have this powder in 3-4 gm. quantity daily in morning and evening. It will give relief from a whooping cough.

22. In uterus swelling:

  • Take pure turmeric and borax and mix it with the juice of makoy (nightshade). Dip gauge piece in it and keep it in the vagina. It will help in reducing swelling from the uterus.

23. In impotency:

  • Take 10 gm. turmeric and kapur each. Make powder of them. Take this powder in 2-3 gm. quantity daily with milk it will cure the impotency.