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    Lower neck, middle back, and rib cage soreness are all considered to be upper back pain. Although it is less often than neck or back discomfort, the thoracic spine extends along the same region. Any damage to the ligaments, muscles, tendons, meniscus, cartilage, or bones in the thoracic spine might cause upper back discomfort.
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    The neck, mid-back, and lower back all share overlapping problems in this region. Usually, it develops secondary discomfort from bad posture or repetitive situations. Your shoulder blades work closely together to create compensatory patterns. We’ll go through all the reasons and signs of various thoracic back pain kinds. Including joint discomfort, rib fractures, torn muscles, and much more. To find out where your discomfort is originating from, you need a skilled eye to examine all the structures in and around your upper back.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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