Can Filitra be taken with nitrate medications?

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    Filitra (vardenafil) have to no longer be excited about nitrate medicines. Combining filitra with nitrates can result in a dangerous drop in blood stress, which can also result in severe health complications. Nitrates are typically used to deal with situations inclusive of angina (chest pain) and are present in various bureaucracy, along with nitroglycerin drugs, patches, sprays, and ointments. The aggregate of filitra and nitrates can motive a synergistic effect, main to a considerable reduction in blood pressure. Filitra will bring about dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, and, in severe cases, can be lifestyles-threatening. In case you are prescribed filitra or another medication for erectile dysfunction and are also taking nitrates, it’s miles important to inform your healthcare company approximately all the medicinal drugs you are currently using. Your healthcare issuer will verify the potential interactions and decide the most secure route of action. Do not take filitra if you are using nitrates or in case you are uncertain approximately the protection of mixing those medicines. Continually observe your healthcare issuer’s recommendation and hints for the safe and powerful use of medications.

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