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    Every year, millions of men must deal with a harsh inevitability that is uncomfortable to discuss and tough to face. Fortunately for them, there are more alternatives than ever for erectile dysfunction treatment and reversal. And, surprisingly enough, one of those alternatives includes blueberries, everyone’s preferred antioxidant.

    So how does a sweet little fruit assist in promoting more powerful erections? According to a Harvard study, blueberries and other fruits might increase blood pressure and loosen up the arteries. It won’t force you to twist your arteries, but it will assist stop plaque from building up inside of them.

    According to the study, which included over 25 000 participants, males who consumed blueberries had a 10% lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Even while those are really fantastic odds for a basic berry, the truth is that fruits in general reduce men’s ED risk by 14%, making blueberries one of the less effective fruits in this regard.

    However, blueberries are also an important antioxidant that lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and has a host of other health advantages, making them a good choice all around. You get to eat blueberries but forfeit the additional 4% chance to prevent ED. I assume everyone enjoys blueberries.

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