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    You may treat moderate to severe pain with Aspadol 100 mg. Tapentadol is the opioid pain medication included inside this pill.

    Aspadol 100mg: Uses
    Pain of moderate to severe intensity, such as that caused by surgery, accident, or chronic illnesses like cancer or back pain, may be alleviated with Aspadol 100 mg .

    It is also effective in relieving the discomfort associated with nerve disorders such diabetic neuropathy and postherpetic neuralgia.

    Aspadol 100mg: Dosage
    Initial pain relief with Aspadol should be achieved by taking one tablet every four to six hours.

    *The utmost safe amount per day is 600mg.
    *You may take this medicine with or without eating.

    Aspadol 100mg: Side effects
    Aspadol 100mg often causes negative effects such as


    Aspadol 100mg: Warnings
    The tablet version of Aspadol is a prohibited drug due to its potential for addiction. Only the person for whom it was intended should take it, and no one else.

    If a patient is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they should not use Aspadol Medicine.

    Patients should advise their healthcare providers of any drugs they are currently taking, since Aspadol pill may interact with some of them.

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