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    Can I have natural anti-aging products as there are wrinkles

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    Dr Maninder Kaur

    Anti-Ageing Treatment works on both internal and external level !!

    First of all you have to maintain a healthy gut – Good Digestion

    If Digestion is Good, only then you body tissues will get good nourishment.

    You will need to follow a good lifestyle first, a healthy diet plan to stick to ;

    Medication to eliminate root cause of disease and of course ointments and herbal packs.

    Only applying products wont be of use for long term !!

    For permanent results , all aspects have to be focused on – Healthy food, lifestyle and eliminating the root cause of Ageing.

    Anti ageing :
    Aamla ( Indian Gooseberry)
    Rose Petal

    Nivedita Thakur

    Yes, you can use natural anti-ageing products as these products contain natural herbs that can remove your dark circles and wrinkles. If you want good ayurvedic products than you should start with Planet Ayurveda Anti-ageing Pack this pack comprises four products 1) Amalaki rasayan 2) Shilajit capsules 3) Brahmi chawanprash 4) Kumkumadi oil. Use these for products for a month and you will see good results. These products will rejuvenate your skin naturally. It will make your skin glow naturally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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